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Music Lessons

Learn from a Pro

Located in Fort Erie, music students have the unique position of learning from Bryce Moore.

As a Mohawk College & McMaster University Music Major Bryce will be providing professional insight into the following lessons.
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Guitar & Bass
Vocals & Ear Training
Piano & Keyboards


Our Lesson

First lesson is always free!

From an initial spark of interest for playing to pursuing a degree in performance, education and theory, Bryce has you covered. Whether your goal is to play for a family wedding, around the campfire, or to gain the knowledge to express yourself, Bryce's goal is to provide the student with enough education to choose whichever path they would like.
Lessons are $25 a lesson and $40 an hour.

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Are Music Lessons For You?

The Decision

As any beginner will tell you, starting out can be a challenge. For this reason, we'll be able to talk about what steps are best for you.
Depending on your interests our lessons will be based around fun and education.
Together, lessons will  be covering aspects of music: Theory to Ear Training & Rhythm.
From strumming around a campfire to studying for university adjudication, Bryce will have you covered. No matter your age it’s never too late to learn an instrument, so whether you are 7 or 70 Bryce can accommodate all your musical needs.
Lessons available in Theory, Ukulele, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Voice. Including Ear training and improvisation
Bryce's lessons also help with personal/spiritual growth while making students feel comfortable, safe and strong. Students will gain the confidence to grow and express themselves.


Children & Music

Starting Them Young

For any age, music is a very important fundamental building tool for learning. With lessons available in Ukulele, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Vocals. Our lessons will focus on inspiration and getting students involved in something they can be proud of. Taught in a safe and secure environment, students will be taught rudiments in ear training, rhythm, pitch, sight reading, playing songs, and theory. This foundation with set students up with the option of continuing music as a hobby or as a career.


Royal Conservatory

Intermediate & Advanced Rudiments

From a young age, Bryce has studied with RCM, which lead him to Mohawk and McMaster.
If your interested is pursuing music in a college or university level, or just to understand the fundamentals of music and playing for your personal playing.
A basic understanding of music theory can open many doors to new concepts, ideas and to keep a student intrigued with music and sound.

Sheet Music Edits

Intermediate Technique

Beyond The Basics

You already mastered the basics in music but you are looking for your next challenge. Look no further, this service will first examine your musical abilities and then set out a road map to reach your potential. You can expect fast progress, excellent service and high-quality tuition throughout your learning journey. These lessons are available in both Classic and Contemporary studies. They're also offered for Theory, Guitar and Bass.