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Music Lessons

Not sure about a commitment?

Our first lesson is a complementary 30 mins to meet see if our lessons are right for you.

Rates Per lesson, Private 1-on-1 lessons:
Half Hour: $30 / Hour $50.

2-on-1 lessons are 1.5x the regular rate:

Half hour $45, hour $75).

Located in my home studio at 245 Bertie St., Fort Erie Ontario.

Lessons from Beginner to Advanced levels

Within each instrument, the student will have his/her choice of style and genre preference for learning.
Students will also be introduced to various styles of music.
Instruments and lesson available for:

  • Guitar/Bass/Ukulele/Mandolin

  • Piano/Vocals/Songwriting

  • Understanding Equipment and Live performance

  • RCM Theory & Ear Training Exam Prep: College/University preparation

Scroll below for information about our lesson, services offered and policy

Music Lessons: Lessons

Our Lesson

First lesson is always free!

Learn the music you always wanted to learn in a relaxed, music-minded atmosphere in the heart of Fort Erie in my studio @ 245 Bertie St.
There’s no registration fee for new students; all levels and ages are welcome.  

Image by Sigmund

Children & Music

Starting them young

For any age, music is a fundamental tool for learning.  Our lessons will focus on inspiration, and getting students excited about rudiments, ear training, rhythm, pitch, sight reading, playing songs & theory.


RCM Theory & Ear Training Exam Prep: College/University preparation

Intermediate & Advanced Rudiments

From a young age, Bryce has studied with RCM, which lead him to Mohawk and McMaster.
Students interested is pursuing music at the college or university level can will be a step ahead of their auditions with theory certification for intermediate and advanced rudiments.

A basic understanding of music theory can open many doors to new concepts & ideas.


Intermediate Technique

Beyond The Basics

You've already mastered the basics in music but you are looking for your next challenge. This service will first examine your musical abilities and discover a road map to your potential.


Guitar & Bass

As a trained Guitarist, Bryce has always wanted to become a professional musician.
Students will develop an understanding of their instrument; they'll be introduced to various genres and styles; build repertoire and develop confidence.

Electric Guitar:
We'll explore concepts of Electric playing: Rock Guitar: Chord and dynamics.
Country: Chicken Pickin' and hybrid pickin!
Metal: Drop tuning and heavy chords 

Utility Playing: Slide guitar, Open tunings, Chord/scale relationships, Pentatonics, Harmony, Arpeggios, Harmonics, Jazz Voicings.

Equipment: Exploring amps and guitar effects to perform in the genre of your preference! 

Acoustic Guitar:
Lessons may include Strumming (for singing).

Figuring out songs by ear.
Using and utilizing a Capo.
Flat picking for Bluegrass.
Finger picking and grinnin'!

Music Lessons: Welcome
Image by Mario La Pergola

Ukulele and Mandolin

4 strings and a lot of sounds!
From Hawaii to the UK the Ukulele has been everywhere. Artists such as Jason Mraz, the Beatles, Elvis, Twenty One Pilots and many more have done countless songs on it. Come in for a lesson on how to hold, strum, and chords on a Uke!

Tuned like a violin, the mandolin can be heard on many different genres of music: From Irish to Bluegrass to Pop! 
Come in and learn songs from bands like Mumford and Sons, R.E.M & Alan Jackson!

Music Lessons: Welcome

Piano Keyboards
Voice Songwriting
& Ear training

Within each instrument, the student will have his/her choice of style and genre preference for learning.

As an introductory instrument to music piano and keyboards are a favourite; the keys are right in front and it's easy to see. For our lessons, students will develop proper posture and technique, and once we figure their path we'll be able to set course for their future. Students will learn out of a workbook, understanding the keys and basic harmony. They'll also work songs of their choice.

Vocal students!
Welcome to your instrument.
Being a singer is a great way to express yourself and to feel confident.
Throughout your lesson, Bryce will be covering a variety of aspects: Pitch, Rhythm, articulation, & phrasing.
You'll also learn vowel placement and how to hear the function and tonality of chords and songs.

Music Lessons: Welcome
Mixer Desk

Equipment & 
Live Performance

Once an opportunity presents itself, students will need to know how to demonstrate their talents.
Within the lesson students will learn about music equipment, how it is used & set up, as well as how to perform.

Most of the students Bryce has taught over the years have gone on to perform gigs around the region as musicians and performers.

Music Lessons: Welcome
Guitar Lesson

Lesson Policy

Music Lessons: Lessons

Cancellation Policy

  1. Cancellation of a lesson must be made AT LEAST 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson time in order to receive a make-up lesson (for definition of a make-up lesson, please see below).
    This includes leaving messages.

  2. No shows or failure to notify within 24 hours is considered a forfeited lesson.

  3. If you know of dates ahead of time where you/your child cannot make a lesson, please notify to reschedule.

  4. There are NO refunds on unused or cancelled/forfeited lessons.

  5. Should you choose to take a break, prepaid/unused lessons can be banked for you for a period of 2 months. Unused lessons after that time will be considered forfeited.

  6. Credits CANNOT be transferred from teacher to teacher

  7. Should you decide to stop taking lessons altogether, please give your teacher 2 lessons notice

Rescheduling/Make Up Policies

  1. Any lesson cancelled at least 24 hours ahead of the scheduled lesson will receive a make-up lesson at a time convenient for student and instructor, but if a time cannot be agreed upon, the lessons is forfeited. 
    Please understand, weekly lesson times are set aside; by missing a lesson, it is a time that the instructor cannot fill with a new student.

  2. Typically, make-up lessons take place at an alternate time/day within the week. In some cases, the make-up lesson will be added after/before the original lesson time, enabling the student to have extended lesson.


If you need to miss an in-person lesson due to exposure to COVID-19, symptoms requiring isolation, or travel requiring isolation, please notify you Bryce immediately to ensure your lesson is scheduled virtually (online), rather than in-person. In most cases, there will be an alternative way to schedule as opposed to forfeiting the lesson.  

Holidays/School Breaks

Exceptions will be made with respect to School breaks, Christmas, March Break, Religious and Statutory Holidays. 
If a student will be missing 2 weeks during the march break, the 2nd week will be marked down for a make-up lesson.

Instructor Cancellations

  1. Any cancelled lessons initiated by an instructor will be made up or a suitable substitute teacher will step in and the lesson will continue as regularly scheduled. 
    If the instructor cancels a lesson and the substitute teacher is unavailable, we will skip over that week’s lesson and resume the following week.
    All payments will be pushed forward to compensate for the missed lesson.

  2. Should the STUDENT decide to miss a class as a result of a substitute teacher, such cancellation will NOT be entitled for a makeup lesson.

  3. Bryce reserves the right to cancel classes due to severe and extreme weather conditions.
    Students will be notified by phone and/or email. Lessons will made up on an alternative date

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