To Bryce, being a musician means being versatile and adapting to any situation.
Scroll below to see the types of entertainment Bryce has to offer.


Solo Acoustic

One Man Band

One man, an acoustic guitar, laughs, and a lot of songs. With a list of well over a few hundred songs, Bryce will be able to perform and call upon songs for all ages.


The Interesting Group

More energy

If you're looking for an acoustic feel and the energy of a band, then a Duo is perfect for you. A mixture of acoustic guitar and drums is perfect for small to medium sized events and gatherings. From Backyards to bars their repertoire covers a wide range of genres that will suit any event.



The Band

Available as a 4 or 5 piece band, Riverview, is a high energy good time. Performing Classic Rock and Country the band will have you out of your seat on the dance floor.

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